Sale of clothes from the warehouse

You can buy our products directly from our company. Order size - from 10 items. Availability and prices of products check with our sales manager. In case of order from warehouse 100% payment is required. If you ordering 100 products or more - 5% discount.

Tailoring under the order

Payment for the ordered goods is made according to: 50% of the total order value is paid at the time of the order. The remaining amount of the payment is paid after the order is executed in accordance with the invoice by transferring money to our current account or in cash. Deliveries are carried out by shipping companies. There is a discount of 10% if you order a batch of products of the autumn-winter range from 01.04-01.08.

Tailoring from customer’s materials and layouts

After discussing the cost of our services for sewing, we conclude an agreement. Then, after receipt of materials and patterns to our company, we starts to fulfill the order. More information about cooperation with our company you can get from our sales manager. If you have any suggestions for cooperation, you can contact us by phone. We will consider your conditions of cooperation with pleasure.

Order delivery options

Order payment methods

Looking for seamstresses and cutters

Permanent job recruitment. The number of vacancies is not limited. Piecework payment.